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6 Foot care and hygiene tips to apply in your routine!

Foot care! In our daily lives, it is common to take care of the skin of areas such as the face, neck, hands, and neck region. These are parts of the body that are exposed and demand special attention in order to transmit health and keep our self-esteem up to date. What many people don’t know is that foot protection and hygiene are also fundamental.

After all, they support our entire body weight, ensuring the necessary balance so that we can move comfortably anywhere. It is no wonder that, in oriental medicine, the aspect of the feet is usually observed to diagnose diseases and indicate treatments.

Knowing the importance of this support, it is worth starting to invest in a more specific foot hygiene routine. If you are interested in this idea, be sure to check out the practices below!

Learn how to care for and maintain foot hygiene

If you think about it, isn’t it amazing how much strength we have in this region that makes up the base of our legs? The human foot has a wide structural variety to withstand loads, distribute various weights, and adapt to different types of surfaces.

This explains why, when tiredness takes over, all we want to do is take a shower and lie down to keep our feet elevated. In fact, this practice favors blood circulation in the lower part of the body, promoting discomfort relief and swelling reduction.

Other actions can potentiate the results of foot care. We have separated some of them in this topic, remembering that they don’t need to follow an order. The ideal is to understand how to apply them in your routine and, then, choose your favorite one according to each moment.

1. washing

The complete wash consists of gently rubbing your feet with plenty of running water and soap. Pay attention especially to the spaces between the toes, passing a vegetable sponge between them to remove sweat and dirt.

Rinse thoroughly with water until the soap has been removed and you feel that your feet have become less flat. Then use a soft towel to dry all the skin. Again, focus on the area between the toes, because the accumulation of moisture can promote the appearance of fungus and bad smell.

Therefore, a tip is not to wear socks or closed shoes like a sapato masculino right after washing. And if you tend to perspire in the area, make regular use of deodorant for your feet.

2. Exfoliation

The practice is interesting when we feel the need for a deeper cleaning. This is because it aims to remove dead cells and promote skin renewal, so as to leave it smoother and more pleasant to the touch, besides better absorbing moisturizer, for example.

Because it is a little more aggressive than washing, exfoliation is best done every 10 to 15 days. Always use products that contain small particles to “scrape” the superficial layer of the feet.

Apply the formula with light pressure and circular movements, until you notice that the skin has become more sensitive to touch. You will feel a sense of relaxation and freshness after rinsing.

3. Skin moisturizing

The procedure must always be done after cleansing, since the cleaned skin will be ready and with the pores open to receive the beneficial ingredients of the moisturizers. So, try to set aside a few minutes after bathing to take care of your feet with moisturizing.

Emollient creams help restore the skin’s natural oiliness, preventing dryness and cracking. Therefore, prioritize formulas that contain urea, glycerin, vegetable oils, and even butters. After applying, wait a few minutes until the moisturizer is absorbed and able to act.

4. Massage

Here is another complementary care to foot hygiene that deserves to be included in your routine. After all, is there anything better than feeling every inch of your body well relaxed? A good tip is to start with the feet, since you can apply the technique yourself.

Use both oils and moisturizing creams to make it easier for your hands to glide over your feet. Take the opportunity to light a scented candle while you perform the massage. This way you will be relieving tension and sending any sign of stress away.

Each person has their own preferences regarding the movements, whether they are more intense or delicate. The important thing is to adapt the practice to your taste, turning this moment into a special occasion of self-care.

5. Foot scaler

This is the ideal process for those busy days when all we want is to relieve the discomfort in the leg area. All you need is a basin filled with warm water and a few products to perform the care ritual.

You can put bath salts with pleasant formulas, such as lavender or calendula, inside the container. Stir well until the product is dissolved, and then dip your feet into the solution. Take advantage of the pause moment to read, watch something, talk to someone, or just contemplate this break all by yourself.

We also have the Pink line sachets, which are produced from sea salt crystals.

6. Cleaning your nails

The nails must be cut every 15 days, on average, to avoid ingrown nails, generating painful inflammations, and to maintain hygiene. In this process, avoid removing the corners and file the edges until everything is even and the surface is smooth.

It is also important to remove the enamel with appropriate products and rinse well. If possible, always keep your cuticles intact and well moisturized, because they form a protective barrier against harmful microorganisms.

Cleaning your nails is made easier if you soften the surrounding skin. To do this, use immersion milk with warm water, leaving the feet immersed in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinsing is not necessary, since the purpose is to actually leave the product’s ingredients acting on the skin for the maximum time.

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