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Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin And Hair?

Benefits Of Lavender : Essential oil Lavender is derived by the plant of lavender. People utilize it to help promote sleep and relaxation as well as aid in treating certain skin ailments.

How do you apply lavender oil on the skin

Since the essential oils are abrasive to the skin, it’s essential to mix the oils with a carrier oil prior to mixing them. According to the need one could blend lavender oils with argan oil, coconut or Jojoba oil, in addition to others. For the majority of purposes one can apply the blend of oils onto the skin with the help of fingertips or pads of cotton. Always wash hands before applying a blend of lavender oil on the skin. Lavender Essential oil may also be used to create steam facials to treat acne or other problems. Be certain to not expose the face to extremely hot steam. The human body should not be exposed to essential oils.


Applying lavender oil to the skin could help various ailments:

Lavender oil for anxiety

Studies from Trusted Source have proven that lavender oil has positive effects on the symptoms of anxiety. A research study from 2013 in particular found that the effects of lavender oil on anxiety were similar to those of the lorazepam an antianxiety medication.

Lavender oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory

Researchers have discovered Trusted sources that lavender oil may help combat inflammation. A study from 2012 for instance, investigated how lavender oils affect the recurrent Aphthous ulcers, which are oval or ovular sores that can develop within the mouth or in the Genitals.

Researchers found that the lavender treatment decreased swelling, size of ulcers and the length of time ulcers required to heal.

Lavender oil for acne

Lavender oil has been proven to possess antibacterial properties, according to Trusted Source and can kill bacteria, it could help to prevent and treat the acne.Lavender oil isn’t acomedogenic substance and won’t clog pores. It can be mixed in conjunction with witch hazel and use as a toner for the day or in conjunction with the oil of tea tree as well as argan oil for an immediate treatment for pimples.

Lavender oil to treat dry skin , eczema or dry the eczema

Research Trusted Source demonstrate the lavender essential oil can be antifungal and antimicrobial. Research Trusted Source specifically indicates that it kills Staphylococcus aureus which is a form of bacteria that could cause eczema.

Lavender oil for hair

The oil of lavender can be beneficial on the growth of hair. A earlier study, called Trusted Source in 1998, for instance, revealed that a mixture consisting of Thyme, rosemary as well as lavender and cedarwood essential oils effectively treated the condition of alopecia areata — a very common auto-immune disorder that causes hair loss.

Based on the results that 44% of the participants experienced improvement after seven weeks of treatments, as compared to 15% in those in the group that did not. The researchers could not determine precisely which essential oils or oils were effective.

Another recent study of mice Trusted Source discovered that the use of lavender oil led to an increase in the number of hair follicles. Additionally, it also increased the hair follicle’s depth and thickness, suggesting that the oil is a significant contributor to hair growth.

Lavender oil for wrinkles

Lavender oil is a rich source of antioxidants that may help combat free radicals. It could be able to lessen the appearance wrinkles and fine lines. It is necessary to conduct more research however, to confirm the effects of these oils.

Lavender oil for healing wounds

A 2013 study conducted by the Trusted source in rats revealed that wounds healed faster when the rats received lavender oil treatments as compared to the control group.

Three years after, another study Trusted Source on rats discovered evidence that lavender oil applied topically can aid in healing injuries by increasing collagen production.

Lavender oil for scars

The evidence suggest that lavender oils could aid in reducing scarring by encouraging the growth of tissues. One study conducted by Trusted Source found that lavender oil stimulated repair of tissues related to skin injuries.

Lavender oil for skin lightening

There is a belief lavender oil may help reduce the appearance of redness and discoloration on the skin. However, proving the effect is going to require further study.

Lavender oil for bug bites

Research has proven that lavender is effective in repelling mosquitoes for as long as 8 hours, according to Trusted Source. When you combine the essential oil with like citronella, you can create your own natural insect repellent. Additionally the antibacterial properties of lavender oil can keep bugs from developing infections.


Do not apply essential oils that are undiluted directly on the skin Always mix them using an oil carrier. The use of some products for topical use that contain lavender can result in allergic skin reactions, according to Trusted Source for some individuals. If anyone who has used the oil of lavender on their face suffers any adverse side effects, for example, irritation or itching or hives, they should discontinue using the product immediately and seek medical attention.The people who apply lavender oil to their face should be extra careful to prevent the oil from getting into their eyes . If it does, wash the area thoroughly using cool water.

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