How To Use Prezi To Make The Most Of Your Presentations

There is one thing that class presentations have in common with office presentations. They are both super stressful and the presenters want to leave a good impression on the audience. In class, you are assessed on the way you present and how captivating your presentation design is. In the office, you won’t be marked for your presentation skills or design, but shows it will give a reflection of how professional and capable you are in front of your clients, colleagues, and bosses. 

There are a few ways to make a very professional presentation. You can find plenty of tools and software on Google. Additionally, you can even find templates on Microsoft PowerPoint that are good enough to use. Thus, technically, all you need to make a good presentation is a good internet connection. And on that note, if you are looking for a good internet connection, try searching ‘TDS telecom’. 

While Microsoft PowerPoint is as good a tool as any, there is another tool that could really level up your presentation. That tool is Prezi! You can access this through Google or any other search engine. It is the perfect tool for classy presentations and so, today, we will be talking about some of the best features you can find on Prezi. 

Zooming on topicsTopics

Just as there are different slides in a PowerPoint presentation, there are ‘topics’ in Prezi. Simply put, a slide is called a topic in Prezi. So, when you increase the number of slides in a presentation, you are adding multiple topics and increasing the length of a presentation. In PowerPoint, you add text or elements on the slide, while in Prezi, you add ‘subtopics’. You can add animations to the subtopic, or choose different layouts for it, enabling it to move away from the slide.

As for zooming, when you’ve added a topic or subtopic, you can zoom in on it, and this will take you to another slide and then back. This way, there is a smooth flow to the presentation, as it feels just like moving through a chart and zooming in on the features and elements of the chart.

Free Movements

In a PowerPoint presentation, if there is a slide you need to revisit or refer to again, you will have to go back to the previous slides, or even very far up, if it is present way back. In this, you can control the flow by zooming in and zooming out on topics and subtopics that you want. The way, it’s not like there is any order that you need to follow, rather it is more that you make the order as you want.

As we mentioned before, it is just like you have a chart and there are some elements on the chart that you can access according to what you want to look at.

Zoom Reveal

For PowerPoint presentations, you need to apply animations for things to unfold slowly and so that the text and elements don’t show all at once. For Prezi however, seeing as you have topics and subtopics, you merely need to arrange them and classify which ones are which. Once you’ve done that, you don’t need to apply any animations so things unfold slowly, rather, things unfold as you zoom in or zoom out and this enhances the revealing or uncovering effect. 


Just previously, we were talking about how Prezi presentations function like a big chart. Well, speaking of charts, you can present or add charts, bar diagrams, reports, posters, and much more to your Prezi presentations. You have many pre-built templates, infographics, and more to help you build them from scratch as well. You just need to do a little bit of exploring on the app!

Element Blocks

When you make a chart, you need a lot of elements and shapes for itthe chart. You won’t need to draw a square or a circle every time you need to add one to the chart or canvas. Simply find it in the Explorer menu and choose the shape you want. You can also find options for text boxes and images by right-clicking on the canvas. 

Oh, and did you know that you can also change the background for the canvas and color the topics and subtopics so you can distinguish them and make your presentation more colorful? Well, now you do! 


This feature is pretty simple and obvious, but we felt like we should mention it anyway. You can insert images onto your presentation by dragging and dropping, or simply by clicking ‘Insert image’. And this is not only from your device but also from the image library on Prezi. To properly access all the images in their library, you just have to ensure a proper internet connection. TDS bundle packages can be very cost-friendly and speedy enough to fuel most of your internet needs.

It’s time Time for you You to start Start presenting Presenting your Your ideasIdeas!

Now that you know how to make your presentation more immersive and creative, it’s time for you to get behind this, and get started on making a presentation! Even if you don’t need to right away, why not give it a try and see how everything works?

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