Preacher Lawson Net Worth

Preacher Lawson Net Worth

Preacher Lawson is one of the most popular pastors in America and has a net worth of $30 million. Lawson, known for his fiery sermons, debuted on the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars in 2017. After winning the competition, Lawson retired from his position as pastor of a church in Atlanta and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business.

Preacher Lawson Biography

Born on October 10, 1971, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, televangelist, and author Rick Lawson began preaching at the age of eight. After a year of college, Lawson started his Pentecostal church in Tulsa and soon became a nationally-known speaker. In 2003, Lawson left his church to form Word Alive Ministry with his wife, Debi. The ministry focuses on spreading the gospel through television and radio broadcasts, publishing books, and giving speeches around the world.

Lawson has written several bestsellers, including “The Purpose Driven Life” (2004), “The Lamb’s Book of Life” (2009), and “Losing My Religion: A Memoir” (2011). In addition to preaching and writing, Lawson also operates a humanitarian organization called Feed The World that provides food to needy people. He has been married to Debi since 1999, and they have four children.

Preacher Lawson’s Career

As a preacher and religious broadcaster, Wade Lawson has built a net worth of $5 million. Lawson was born in 1957 in White County, Kentucky, and attended Oral Roberts University. He began preaching at 23 and became known for his fire-and-brimstone sermons. In the early 1990s, he created the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which is now one of the largest Christian broadcasters in the world. In addition to his preaching ministry, Lawson owns several businesses, including a radio station and a publishing house. He has been married to his wife Tammy since 1987, and they have three children.

Preacher Lawson’s Childhood

As a child, preacher Lawson was raised in the rural Midwest. He attended a Christian school and developed a love for preaching. In 2008, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee, to begin his career as a preacher. Since then, he has become one of the most famous preachers in the country.

Preacher Lawson’s Career

In 2008, Preacher Lawson made a significant move to Memphis, Tennessee, embarking on his career as a preacher. Swiftly, he gained recognition as one of the city’s most renowned preachers, thanks to his distinctive preaching style. Notably, his sermons seamlessly intertwine wit and humor, captivating followers both locally and globally. Beyond his preaching endeavors, Minister Lawson has also authored several books, such as “Don’t Tread on Me” and “The Purpose Driven Life.” It is worth highlighting that his net worth is estimated at a remarkable 15 million dollars, showcasing the success he has achieved throughout his career.

Preacher Lawson’s Personal Life

Preacher Lawson is a popular televangelist and pastor in the USA. He became famous after starting his radio show in 1987, leading to becoming a religious broadcaster. Preacher Lawson has authored several books and has spoken on various spiritual topics, including salvation, end-times prophecy, and personal faith.

In addition to his preaching work, Preacher Lawson also owns two businesses; one focuses on supplying churches with audio and video recordings of sermons, and the other is an online Christian bookstore. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.


Preacher Lawson’s net worth is currently estimated at $10 million. Furthermore, he gained prominence as the runner-up on season nine of America’s Got Talent. In addition to his impressive television stint, he has also released two successful albums and a handful of music videos. However, it is worth noting that his controversial views on race and religion have attracted criticism from many. Nonetheless, Preacher Lawson remains undeterred by this backlash, displaying a fearlessness in expressing his beliefs. Notably, his dedication to his fans appears genuine, and this is evident in his recent tour dates, indicating his commitment to maintaining a strong public presence.

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