Six FAQs About Credit Collection Services You Must Know

Six FAQs About Credit Collection Services You Must Know

Credit Collection Services” Gone are those days when people used to just call or send an email to get the money back. Techniques and ways of debt collection have improved a lot. The world around us has turned digital. The debt collection methods have also improved along the way. It is now one of the most technologically supported businesses around the world.

But the credit collection services may not send you the legal notice rightfully. There are times when they are mistaken. Here are certain FAQs you need to know about collection services.

Who do Collection Services collect for?

The very first thing that many people ask is who the CCS collects for. Credit collection services collect debt for a large number of sectors. This includes banking, cable, education, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and many other utilities.

Are Collection Services a scam?

Are credit collection services legitimate? Well, most of the agencies are. The CCS is a legit service provider. A professional credit collection service assigns you the debt notice as asked by the company they work with. However, you are not compelled to pay unless you are sure of the debt.

What to do after receiving a Notice?

It can be very intimidating when you receive a notice from a professional credit collection agency. But you must read the notice judiciously to find out if at all you owe the money, which is claimed. You need to comprehend the notice carefully without being scared. Many people tend to pay what is claimed as they are scared of the CCS notice.

It is necessary to feel confident about the bill mentioned in the notice. It is a wise idea to seek a piece of legal advice even if you believe you are liable to pay the bill.  Also, send the CCS company a debt verification letter after you get the notice. This letter makes the CCS company provide you with verified details of your debt and stop further debt collection attempts.

How to dispute an incorrect debt with Credit Collection Services?

Sometimes, the collection notice bill sent to you isn’t correct. In that case, you must email the service-providing company stating clearly what the dispute is all about. When you do this, the collection service will need to validate the debts they have charged you with. They will require to prove the following:

 It is an active debt.
 The debt belongs to you
 Original creditor has given the service company authorization to collect the debt.

How Can Collection Services Contact You?

There are certain rules under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that CCS needs
follow to contact you. They are –

 CCS can contact you via phone calls during reasonable hours. The ‘reasonable hours’ varies from one state to the other. But it is usually between 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. local time. You can request a call at a different time as well.

 You can forbid a debt collector from calling your workplace and stating the restrictions there. A debt collector is instructed to follow your request.

 Debt collectors can contact you via mail, e-mail, fax, text, and through social media too.

 Debt collectors are not supposed to call you repeatedly. The amount of time they try to contact you should be reasonable. Otherwise, it is counted as harassment which is illegal too.

In case you feel a debt collector is resorting to harassments, you are free to record their calls or keep a track of the frequency of calls. Also, remember they can never threaten you. Threats are counted as harassments and you can take legal steps against such actions. At the same time, the specialized debt recovery services Houston do not prefer such unprofessionalism.

How to remove Credit Collection Services from Credit Reports?

Having credit collections in your credit report is a bad thing. They usually stay in your credit report for up to seven years even when you pay. Regrettably, paying for the credit collection reduces your credit scores too.

But it is not impossible to remove a collection account from your credit history within seven years time span. Several credit collection services near me help you fix your credit. In addition, they help you challenge and positively remove any inaccurate information from your credit report. Nelson Cooper & Ortiz is the company that has been taking care of peoples’ credit reports for a long time.

So, do not be panic-stricken in case you get a notice from CCS. Rather, refer to the blog and overcome your fear of having a poor credit report.

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