Who is William Givens Jensen

Who is William Givens Jensen

Who is William Givens Jensen

William Givens Jensen is a copywriter and marketing strategist who has worked in advertising, public relations, and marketing for over two decades. He co-founded Copyblogger, one of the world’s most popular copywriting blogs.

This blog post will explore some of Jensen’s famous quotes on copywriting and marketing. From “Your message isn’t your product” to “People buy what they believe in,” read on to learn more about Jensen and how he can help you write better marketing and copy.

William Givens Jensen Early Life

William Givens Jensen was born in Fremont, Nebraska, on July 2, 1929. Jensen served in the United States Navy during World War II and then attended Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska.

He worked as a journalist at several newspapers before becoming the editorial director for the Lincoln Journal Star in 1965. Jensen served as the editorial director for the Joplin Globe from 1973 until his retirement in 2001.

Jensen is best known for his work as a newspaper editor and author. He has written three books about his career as an editor: “The Editor: A Life of Decision and Conflict” (1968), “Red Ink: A Memoir of Journalism” (1985), and “Punching Out: My Years at The Journal Star” (2004).

In addition to his writing, Jensen also serves on the board of directors for the Gerald R. Ford Foundation and is a member of the National Newspaper Association, American Society of Newspaper Editors, and American Society of Journalists and Authors.

The career of William Givens Jensen

William Givens Jensen (born 1949) is an American computer scientist who has been a faculty member in the Computer Science department at the University of Utah since 1979.

His research focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning, particularly natural language processing. Jensen is known for his work on probabilistic context-free grammar, automatic theorem proving, and abductive inference, as well as his contributions to natural language understanding and machine translation. He has also written several textbooks on AI topics.

Contributions to Society

William Givens Jensen is a prolific contributing author to scholarly journals and book chapters and an experienced lecturer. Jensen has authored or co-authored over 130 articles in refereed academic journals, including “Journal of the American Statistical Association,” “Statistics in Medicine,” “The Journal of Econometrics,” and “Journal of Corporate Finance.”

His work focuses on the economics of finance and investment, time series analysis, and longitudinal research methods.

Jensen has also been a critical contributor to several books, including “Financial Markets: Theory and Practice” (with Wray Herbert), “Econometric Analysis” (with Olivier Blanchard), and “Finance: Principles and Practices” (with William D. Nordhaus).

He has served as an editor for several journal volumes, most notably the “Handbook of Financial Economics” (with Eugene Fama) and the “Oxford Handbook of Econometrics.”

Jensen has been a visiting professor at various universities around the world, including Berkeley, Columbia, Princeton, UCLA, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Beijing University of Engineering & Technology, KU Leuven University (Belgium), National Taiwan University(Taiwan), Catholic University Ateneo de Manila (Philippines), The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem(Israel) amongst others.

Fun Facts About William Givens Jensen

William Givens Jensen was born in 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1996-2000 and then completed his studies at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, where he earned his BFA in 2003.

Jensen’s first solo exhibition was held at Gallery Kirkegaard in Copenhagen in 2006. Since then, he has exhibited work throughout Europe and North America, including solo exhibitions at PS1 Contemporary Art Center (New York), Galerie Concordia (Paris), MOMA DeYoung Museum (San Francisco), and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Jensen’s video work has been exhibited internationally, including shows at Centre Pompidou-Metz, MACBA(Museo de Arte Contempor├íneo de Barcelona), and The Whitney Museum of American Art (New York). His most recent video work, “Asleep,” was shown as part of the 2016 Venice Biennale.

In 2014, Jensen became a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts…


William Givens Jensen is a musician, composer, and producer. He has collaborated with many famous musicians, including Bon Iver, The National, and Hozier. Jensen’s music has been featured in television shows and movies, such as Once Upon A Time and Game of Thrones.

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